Kairos started in 2012 with 3 co-founders. Since then, we have grown to a core group of 40 members (as of June 2019), mainly through word-of-mouth. As our key objective is to bring together passionate and like-minded investors, we prioritize the quality of members over group size.

Our members come from varied employment backgrounds and have diverse investment styles. While we welcome all investors, our typical member is an investor interested in, and capable of independent research for his/her own portfolio. He/she is looking to be part of a community with like-minded investors and is willing to contribute to the collective wisdom of the community.

There are 4 members on Kairos’ committee. They are responsible for organizing meetups and ensuring that the club is run in an orderly manner.

Mun Hong, CFA
Cedric Ho

Shan Rui

Kelvin Sam

The following list comprises members who have been with the club for at least 5 years (as of Jan 2020)

  • Stanley Lim, CFA
  • Willie Keng, CFA
  • Mun Hong, CFA
  • Phuah Keng Keat, CFA, FRM
  • Daniel Phua, CFA
  • Chong Ser Jing
  • Loh Wei
  • James Yeo
  • Shan Rui
  • Loh Yao Sheng
  • Han Zhongchou